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Welcome to the new way to reUse

reUser provides software to help dining services and their clients save on takeout packaging expenses and reduce their environmental impact.

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Mobile App

Individuals conveniently check out and return containers from their mobile device

Container Tracking Technology

reUser tracks the use of takeout containers and incentivizes their continued return

Setup Materials and Support

Labels, posters, containers, and support to launch a program at your institution

How the process works

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Who we support

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Organization Benefits


Save Money

Save big on disposal costs for getting rid of single-use waste and over time by avoiding continually repurchasing packaging


American made

Each container is made in the U.S. reducing emissions and the emissions involved in the journey to you


Personalized Support

Setting up a new system can be challenging. That’s why reUser is here to walk you through the process step by step.

Environment Benefits


Reduce Waste

reUsing prevents a container from being incinerated or ending up in the ocean


Better Materials

Each container from our partner is made from 50% recycled plastic


Reduce Emissions

Our containers are rated for 1,000 -2,000 uses. A single reUsable container can cut emissions generated from producing 2,000 single-use containers.

Customer Benefits

Individual Benefits


Lightning Fast

reUsing is as fast as

Scan - Scan - Go



Avoid the hassle of lugging around your container with our mobile app at your fingertips



Perfect for even the most cluttered devices at a download size of less than 15 MB


“[The reUser founders] have a very good understanding of the frustrations we had using the Eco To-Go program. With people losing their containers, throwing them out…we go through way too many containers. But this should help things, make it a lot easier for the students."

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Michael Strumpf, Wesleyan Dining Services Manager, Bon Appetit

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